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Frank Taherkhani


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Frank Taherkhani (born in 1969) studied philosophy, German literature and economics. Frank has been practicing various martial arts since 1984 (incl. karate, jiu-jitsu and WingTsun since 1991). He is a self-defence teacher and runs his own martial arts school.

Based on his experiences in the fields of martial arts and self-defence and on his own passion for playful fighting, in 2005 Frank started to show people how to have fun play fighting with their partners.

More Information at: www.play-fighting.com




Playfight Frank-WS1

Fighting is energetic, dynamic, honest, and freeing. Play fighting keeps all that but without the destructive aspects of fighting. And adds fun and joy. You get an idea what play fighting is about, if you think of puppies fighting playfully. So it’s not about winning or loosing, fighting against each other, it’s about frolicking around, having fun with each other. It means laughing a lot and can be wonderfully wild. Play fighting is a consensual bodily confrontation that allows us to feel our power and our partner’s power, to feel how physical we are in a unique, intensive way. Play fights open up a protected space for us to playfully experience issues, situations and feelings that we might otherwise not take a look at.

Frank-WS2 In this workshop we'll explore various approaches to playful fighting and experiment with its different forms and aspects. Safety guidelines and a cosy and trusting atmosphere, which inspires playful fighting, will be especially important. These friendly confrontations don’t always have to look like wrestling matches (don’t worry: we won’t have a lack of wrestling). Play fights may, like pillow fights, include objects. And they can be very sensuous and even sexy..

Frank-WS3 No prior experience of martial arts is necessary to take part in the workshop, nor do you need to be particularly fit. However, please make sure you have the basic level of health necessary to take part in general sporting activities. Please bring soft knee- and elbow pads, or comfortable clothing that covers your knees and elbows.