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La Marte

la marte

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Miss La Marte is
performer and choreographer, dance and yoga teacher.
She creates performances and works in international collaboration with different artist in dance music and video fields.
Resonating with Kashmir Yoga and Tantrism.




Animal Games (Instinct & Intuition)la marte-WS

What a chance to be like animals again!

When we observe animals we are often fascinated and surprised  to  realize  for example how  harmonious  and spontaneous  they are when they move, play, or act their ritual sensual games.

In this workshop we dont imitate animals (it might happen but is not the goal) but we rather explore their qualities in us.  
In the first part I will guide the group, through physical exercises, imagination work and theatrical games, to an explorations path  where we mentally physically and emotionally connect to our own animality and our own instincts (or as we call it in human being ... intuition).
We proceed approaching playfully the qualities of different qualities of animals for example cats (wild cats, tiger, lions) or snakes and other animals memory, wishes, games that arises from the participants.

We will observe what happens to us when we connect  or re- connect  with this qualities and play with this.

- what happen to you if your experiences are guided through an intense smelling, or sensing the tongue or the skin or the sounds around?  
- How would your body response when you walk, sit, lie, move, interact with others in a sensual  and relaxed  way like cats do?
-  How is it for example to play with somebody imagining you are two snakes rolling sliding over each other?
- and what happens when a snake meets a tiger?

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